Squash is an extremely healthy, fun sport that is growing in popularity and yet it remains one of the most inaccessible sports in the United States. Public Squash, a nonprofit foundation, is determined to change that by building public outdoor courts in NYC Parks, to meet a growing demand at lower costs and promote healthier communities.



Please join us on our mission by sharing this project with others and help bring Squash to the public by donating below on our crowdfunding campaign below, called IndieGoGo or here: DONATE

All donations will be sent through Squash Center, a Public Squash partner and a registered 501(c)3.

We only have until May 20th to make this a reality for this summer.

Together we can make this happen.

You can also send donations via Mail: 
Public Squash Foundation -- 45 Main Street, Suite 529 -- Brooklyn, NY 11201

Spring 2016 Public Court Fund

*money raised to date for the first publicly accessible court in NYC

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