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brooklyn bridge park location

Dear Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that Public Squash is coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park! That’s right, an all glass singles court will be installed on Pier 2 overlooking Manhattan!

A very special thanks to Brooklyn Bridge Park for making this possible!

We look to have the court open to the public Summer 2019, but we can’t achieve this goal without you. Fundraising starts today, so if you can, hit that donate button and let’s make this premier outdoor court a reality!

Public Squash


Future Home of Court Two


Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a world-class waterfront park with rolling hills, riverfront promenades, lush gardens, and spectacular city views.

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Pier 2

Pier 2 is dedicated to active recreation and features a variety of activities and attractions. A wide promenade wraps around the pier, offering magnificent views of lower Manhattan and the New York Harbor.

Learn More About Pier 2


Public Squash


Public Squash is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps coordinate the installation of outdoor squash courts to improve access and visibility of the sport. In partnership with the NYC Parks, the first outdoor squash court opened on April 17th, 2018 at Hamilton Fish Park, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Public Squash operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, all for the public welfare, including, but not limited to, promoting the development of greater opportunities for everyone to learn and play the sport of squash in New York City and around the world.


Our Goals


20 outdoor courts by 2020.

Help us get there!


Five hundred outdoor courts in major cities across the US by 2025.


A successful bid for inclusion in the Summer Olympics.


Having a #1 ranked men's and women's players in the world who got their start on a Public Squash court.


Where We Are Today

  • Installation plan APPROVED by NYC Parks Department

  • Court design and materials APPROVED by NYC Department of Buildings (DOB)

  • The first outdoor glass squash court in NYC OPENED April 17th, 2018 at 10AM EST

  • In partnership with the City Parks Foundation, a coaching program for Lower East Side (LES) kids starts May 2018


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