The Outdoor Squash Court

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One Of A Kind

A unique high performance solution was needed to allow for playing squash outdoors.

Durable Safety Glass

The court is made from higher performance safety glass, manufactured by ASB Squash Courts who developed a new type of glass surface especially for the public squash court.  All glass surfaces are durable and protected against vandalism.

Weather Proof Floor

The outdoor squash court features a new durable and sprung outdoor floor.  This 100% outdoor proof flooring combines grip and elasticity with built in sub-floor drainage system.

Make It Public and convenient

The court can be installed quickly within 2-3 weeks (weather permitting), and be built to fit within many different types of public spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the outdoor squash court’s Dimensions?
The court is 9,75m (32 ft) in length, 6,4m (21 ft) in width, and 5,64m (18.5 ft) in height.

What are the materials used for the outdoor squash court?
The court is made from 12mm” SEKURIT safety/security glass with burnt-in colored ceramic dots., connected by milled aluminum fittings.  The floor is a custom elastic sprung floor, that has a built in drainage system.

Why did you choose to use glass over other materials?
We felt that glass would maximize the experience, not only for players but for spectators.  This design is modeled after similar courts used by the World Squash Federation World Championships and the Professional Squash Association World Tour events.  The glass is tinted so that those playing can see the ball in play.  Passersby will be able to look in and watch the competitive matches played inside.  The glass being used decreases light transmission from the sun to ensure proper visibility at all times. The court is naturally ventilated as there is no roof.  


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